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Become a farm member, The Culinary Farmer Saba Nazarian Market gardener

Weekly Veggie Boxes

 carefully handpicked for

your kitchen creativity

Hej! Hello!
We're Saba & Kristin,
and we're passionate about growing food specifically for food lovers and kitchen creatives! 

Join us this season by subscribing to our weekly veggie boxes, because let's face it, you deserve to have a VIP farmer who grows and handpicks the best-in-the-season veggies for your kitchen! Just like how kings and queens used to have it back in the days. 

Immerse yourself in the luxury of receiving a lush veggie box filled with the finest seasonal vegetables, culinary herbs & microgreens on week-to-week basis.

Saba Nazarian and Kristin Montagu-Evans, The Culinary Farmer, Market gardeners
Farm fresh vegetables Skåne

What's in the box?

Each week's veggie box contains 8-10 items grown with love. We pick and harvest the best of what we got every week. From fresh leafy greens, and root veggies, to fine herbs and mighty microgreens - we got you covered. 

Inspirational Recipes

With every delivery you receive access to inspiring recepies so you can unleash your kitchen creativity every week. All tailored for your culinary experience. Who wouldn't wanna have a turnip carpaccio on a random Tuesday night?   

The Culinary Farmer cooking, Saba Nazarian, Market gardener
Farm to Table Dinner Culinary Farm, The Culinary Farmer, Saba Nazarian, Market gardener

Members-Only Offers

By becoming a member you not only recieve your weekly veggie boxes, you will get access to Members-Only Benefits, including exclusive offers on our farm-to-table community dinners & other premium farm products.

Mutual Commitment

We’re committed to providing you the best of what we harvest every week, and ask you to support us by paying upfront for the whole season. This way we can focus all our efforts in growing rather than selling!

Our goal is to deliver 26 - 28 weeks worth of our produce starting from May until mid November, hoping for mother nature's collaboration!

(option of paying monthly is available, see more info further down)

©jensnordstrom, The Culinary Farmer, Saba Nazarian, Market gardener

Delivery & Drop off Points

Enjoy the convenience of our delivery service, bringing your weekly veggie boxes to a drop-off location near you, in Skåne.

Got Vacation plans?
No worries!

We've thought of that too!

As an exclusive member you get to pause your veggie boxes whenever you're out of town. You can either let a friend enjoy your veggies so they also get to try them, OR let us know in advance and we will give you credit for the following season. 

Farm members
What our members say:

"We’re the Cob-Olausson family,

a food-loving bunch on a serious mission for flavour! We are extremely excited to, once again, join The Culinary Farmers’ journey and get access to the freshest local produce all season long! "

Your Contribution

As a member, you sign up for the full season which means you receive

26 - 28 boxes from May to mid Nov. 

You can pay the full amount of 9800 kr up-front, (which is of great help for the season's start up costs) or pay through monthly installments.

When paying monthly we kindly ask for a deposit of 2400 kr to be payed upon registration. The remaining cost is to be payed in 7 installments between April and October at 1058 kr.


(When you reserve your spot you will get to choose which payment plan you prefer)

The Culinary Farmer, Saba Nazarian, Market gardener
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