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The Culinary Farmer Saba Nazarian Market gardener

Growing Exclusively For Chefs and Food Lovers

Carefully handpicked, seasonal produce
for nourishing your kitchen creativity
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    Hi there! I'm Saba,

– a Canadian farmer, educator, and a self-proclaimed outdoor chef who likes to cook everything on fire!


I currently live, grow and cook with my partner, Kristin on our little farmstead at the heart of beautiful Skåne, in Sweden. 

My passion for growing food is rooted in my love for cooking with seasonal produce, and my fascination with the creative flow that happens when pots and pans meet the flames.


My mission is to inspire chefs and food lovers to cook with local and sustainably grown produce, while appreciating the freshness and the flavour that our short season offers. It's not just about the taste; it's about strengthening our connection with the source of our food, and adopting a more seasonal and sustainable diet.

As an educator, I'm also committed to inspire and train a new wave of young growers by passing on the knowledge and experience I gained from working with my mentors, Curtis Stone and Jean-Martin Fortier

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The Culinary Farmer, Saba Nazarian, Market gardener

The Culinary Farm

Rugerup, Skåne

Opening in Spring 2024

Designed thoughtfully using permaculture principles, this 1.5 hectare agro-ecological farm is located at the heart of Skåne, only 45 mins away from Malmö. 


We produce seasonal vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and microgreens exclusively for chefs and food lovers who not only appreciate the freshness, and the flavour of our produce, but also consciously choose to support our mission in growing with ecological and regenerative agriculture practices.


Our commitment is to deliver a weekly selection of our produce, handpicking the best in the season, to elevate your culinary experiences. 

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