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The Culinary Farmer

Saba's passion in farming comes from his love for cooking with fresh and flavourful ingredients. 


Back in 2015, he started a small indoor farm out of his Montreal apartment with the goal of growing the most amount of food in the least amount of space. He chose Microgreens as his main product to grow for local chefs and a small community of health conscious individuals who appreciated the freshness, flavour & the nutritional value of his produce.​ 

Saba's curiosity and drive for being part of the solution and having a bigger impact pushed him towards learning about small-scale ecological farming practices.

In 2018, after having worked with his mentors Curtis Stone Jean-Martin Fortierhe was invited to move to Sweden to design, build and run an educational farm for Botildenborg Organization.

The Culinary Farmer, Saba Nazarian, Market gardener, microgreens
Botildenborg Farm, Saba Nazarian
Botildenborg Urban Farm

This farm was designed as a reference model for Scandinavia's first Farming Incubator, called Stadsbruk. 

The mission of this project is to increase the number of local and ecological growers through agri-preneurship training in collaboration with municipalities. 


Through his work, Saba has mentored over 200 startups and existing farmers who actively feed their communities with fresh, local, and sustainably grown produce. 

Stadsbruk Urban Farming Incubator
Market Gardener The Culinary Farmer Saba Nazarian, Urban farming malmö

Under Saba's management, the farm generated €60,000 on a small area of 1500m2, producing 4-6 tons of seasonal vegetables that were sold directly to a handful of restaurants in Malmö.  

In addition to Swedish universities, the educational program developed by Saba attracted a lot of students from other neighbouring countries in Europe that created an international community at the farm.  

In 2023 Botildenborg's Farm shifted its focus from being a commercial farm to a social garden and it currently produces vegetables only for Botildenborg's social kitchen. 

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SYDSVENSKAN (in Swedish)

During the corona crisis, urban growers are losing restaurant supplies - but sales to private individuals are booming.


Moderated cooking prep and Farm to Table dinner with chef Frida Nilsson and culinary farmer Saba Nazarian.


Discover the story of Saba, a sound engineer who transformed his life to grow his own veggies in Sweden, and is on a mission to put people back in touch with knowing where their food comes from.

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