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Lollo Rosso

Lollo Rosso is one of the first salads to be ready in spring and was believed to be first cultivated by the Egyptians whom considered it to be an aphrodisiac and a medicinal remedy. Lollo Rosso lettuce contains vitamins A and C, folate, fiber, antioxidants, and iron.

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Store the Lollo Rosso lettuce in a plastic bag, in the refrigerator. Best eaten within a few days but will keep for longer, up to a week. Please note that although we typically wash most of the vegetables after the harvest we recommend you to wash the produce before consumption. If you choose to wash your salad greens, invest in a salad spinner so you can be sure to get them truly dry. (A wet salad always disappoints.)

Cooking inspiration

Lollo Rosso makes a beautiful salad, especially with any type of homemade dressing. If you want to branch out from simple salads, try a French salade composée with eggs, potatoes, and olives, a chopped salad, or use your Salanova leaves as wraps for your favorite hummus or other dip.

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