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Radish (Red head)

Nothing beats a fresh, crisp radishes! One of the first root veggies spring has to offer. Besides being deliscious it's also very healthy!

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Store radishes, with their tops cut off all the way down, in the refrigerator. The roots will keep for a couple weeks, if not longer. Save the greens for soup or radish leaf pesto. Please note that although we typically wash most of the crops after the harvest we recommend you to wash the produce before consumption. 

Cooking inspiration

Radishes are typically eaten raw -- sliced and added to salads for crunch and color; pickled; or simply salted and eaten with butter. If you don’t like radishes raw, try roasting them with olive oil, salt, and maybe even a drizzle of maple syrup. Salads that include radishes are wonderful with an herb dressing. Try them as a snack, raw or roasted, dipped in tahini yogurt sauce.

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