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Beet greens

Beet greens are the very first leaves of the beetroots that chefs and food enthusiasts can really appreciate. they have a crunchy and mild earthy taste, quite similar to mangold/swiss chard and are full of antioxidants. 

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Store the beet greens in a sealed plastic bag, in the refrigerator. Best eaten within a few days but will keep for longer, up to a week. Please note that although we typically wash most of the vegetables after the harvest we recommend you to wash the produce before consumption. If you choose to wash your salad greens, we highly recommend investing in a salad spinner so you can be sure to get them truly dry. (A wet salad always disappoints.)

Cooking inspiration

Beets are famous for their roots, but beet leaves are tasty, too! Sautéed beet greens is our favourite and shows off their delicate texture and sweet, mild flavor.

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