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Spinach Spears

When the spinach goes to bloom it stops producing its tender leaves. However! This versatile crop gets even more exciting when you start harvesting the whole stems with leaves and flowers. Use it in a stirfry and experience its interesting texture together with some sesame oil and sesame seeds sprinkled on top! Serve as a side dish!  The spinach is such an appreciated crop as it can be used in many different ways. 

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Store the spinach spears in the fridge. If you have the room you can even put the bouquet in a glass of water in the fridge and it will last slightly longer. Best eaten within a few days but will keep for longer, up to a week. Please note that although we typically wash most of the vegetables after the harvest we recommend you to wash the produce before consumption. 

Cooking inspiration

Spinach spears are superb in a stirfry with minced pork, some ginger, chili and garlic. It can also be fried in some butter and salt and be served as a side dish. Or simply put it in a pie or soup. It can basically be used in the same way as the spinach leaves you usually eat. 

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